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NYC Litigation Attorney Resolves Hotly Contested Case

NYC Litigation Attorney

Farber Schneider Ferrari LLP is pleased to announce that it has resolved its most hotly contested case: one with allegations of a parade of horribles from a single person, including assault, false imprisonment, attacks with dangerous weapons. One of the rare pleasures for a defense lawyer is to have a client who is actully innocent, to have someone they can believe in, not just someone who the defense lawyer is defending simply to make the process work. Farber Schneider Ferrari LLP just completed my work in one of those opportunities. Our client found himself requiring the services of an NYC Litigation Attorney versed in both Criminal Defense and Civil Defense. As a result, he retained seasoned trial attorney Daniel J. Schneider, Esq., and the firm of Farber Schneider Ferrari LLP. He was facing serious allegations, none of which he had done—and at this point—we can say he has been decisively exonerated.

My client is a singer/songwriter/musician whose talent is such that the sky is the limit for him. One of the many musicians I interviewed in support of him told me he was top two rare talents that he had ever seen play, mentored and worked with. Now that this is over, we can only hope that there are big things to come from him.

If one needs any support for my belief in my client’s actual innocence, I give you this anecdote. A guardian angel, who will go unnamed, had so much confidence and belief in him, that when faced with the prospect of being saddled with exorbitant legal fees and was in danger of being left without a defense, these people swooped in and assured that he would be protected legally. This was done without any promise of compensation, or any other remuneration. It was done only because they believed in my client’s innocence and did not want to see him legally sandbagged.

With respect to police contact, our client faced felony charges in California and misdemeanor charges in New York. All criminal charges have been dismissed with prejudice. He faced Family Court allegations that have been resolved, with prejudice, without a finding. He also had to withstand several police reports in at least three states that were rejected by various district attorney’s offices and police departments. Though we cannot comment on the settlement of the Federal Court matter, even the public termination (with prejudice) document specifically states that there is no finding that there was substance to any of the claims made against him.

We fully believe that our client was entirely innocent of these myriad charges levied against him and think the end result of this case vindicates that. He was chased and attacked in numerous forums and, not in a single one, is there the remotest of showing that he did anything wrong. That’s because he didn’t. In addition, we think that the unbelievable financial and emotional support from people around him—from those with no other interest than their belief in my client—make clear that he did not do these things. As a result of the zealous advocacy of Farber Schneider Ferrari LLP, our client can begin to rebuild his life without a cloud of wrongdoing over his head or any lasting financial effects. While the accusations were undeserved, in light of the legal, financial and emotional obstacles of being saddled with such claims, our client, suffering no lasting damages, and actual innocence emerged with a win.


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