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Sarena Townsend Esq. joins Farber Schneider Ferrari

Sarena Townsend Esq

Farber Schneider Ferrari is pleased to welcome Sarena Townsend Esq. as incoming Partner to the firm. Today is her first day! Sarena on behalf of our firm, we wish you all the best and look very much forward to collaborating with you to deliver optimal results for our clientele. Sarena is a criminal justice expert, seasoned trial attorney and a feared courtroom adversary who knows the inner workings of law enforcement as the former head of Internal Affairs at Rikers Island and a former Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney working in the city’s busiest prosecutorial office, obtaining successful convictions across everything from DWI to Robbery, Rape and Homicide charges. Owing to Sarena’s experience in the criminal justice sphere she wields a unique knowledge of law enforcement misconduct and violations of important constitutional rights. On behalf of Department of Correction detainees, Sarena prosecutes civil rights violations and defends DOC employees facing disciplinary charges. We are so excited to welcome Sarena to our firm. Excelsior!


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