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Businesses face many modern challenges, and their survival depends on whether they can grow.  Growth requires constant adaptation, and the ability to meeting this objective requires highly competent advocates guarding against threats to property, projects, contracts and customers.Whether proactively or reactively, business owners need to address legal problems head-on through trusted counsel.  At FSF, we remain committed to cultivating such trust the moment we are retained.

We also believe that educated business clients are those best equipped to flourish over the long term; to that end, we pride ourselves on educating our clients every step of the way, helping them plan craft legal solutions that improve their functionality, even when that requires pivoting to new ways of transacting business — whether with vendors, suppliers, contractors or employees.   

In all manner of business disputes, FSF understands the nuances of  relationships both business and personal, and the many considerations at play; therefore, we take a proactive approach to crafting smart solutions with a mind to both practicality and longevity.  

In every instance, we  are unfailingly dedicated to a rigorous but rational approach to any kind of legal problem solving for your business needs.

  • Corporate Governance/Elections

  • Entity Formation and Dissolution

  • Contract negotiation

  • Business Purchase and Sales

  • Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement

  • Fashion, Apparel Production and Related Industry Transactions

  • Trademark Prosecution, Applications, Renewals at the USPTO

  • Copyright Registration and Related Disputes

  • IP Licensing, Co-Existence, and Related Agreements

  • Asset Purchase and Non-Disclosure Negotiations and Agreements

  • Sales Agreement Enforcement and Fashion Contract Drafting, Disputes and Related Litigation

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